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Grain fumigation services

One of the main principles of our activity - to provide our customers with quality service at the lowest rates that exist in the market at the moment.

The services we provide:

  • Grain decontamination – fumigation with phosphine based treatments.
  • Aerosol treatment of grain and storage facilities.
  • Degassing of products, warehouse and industrial premises of residues from the fumigants leftovers.
  • Coloration - coloration of grain with dyes in order to identify.

The company "Time Capital", which is included in GC "Dilex" is an associate member of GAFTA, certified according to the standards of ISO:9001:2008, passed the audit and received a certificate GTAS. All of treatments used are with accordance with the international requirements and have the necessary registration. The method and the way of processing are agreed with the customer before the start of work. It is mandatory to take into account the technical characteristics of the order volume and the processing conditions in each individual case.